Power Tumbling

Those amazing tricks you see people perform. In power tumbling you will learn those fast pace strong skills. It focuses specifically the on dynamic tumbling series like mulitple back handsrings, back tucks, layouts and full twists.   North Valley offers the following levels and types of Tumbling:

  • Level 1 - 3 (Beginning)
  • Level 4 (Intermediate)
  • Level 5 (Advanced)
  • Backhandspring Only
  • Cheer Tumbling
  • Tumbling for Dance

Levels 1 - 3:  Beginning Tumbling (60 minutes)

For boys and girls ages 6 and older. This class teaches the fundamentals of tumbling. Class time will be spent
stretching, conditioning to strengthen muscles and mastering basic tumbling skills. This is a great class for

Floor: Forward and Backward rolls in multiple positions (tuck pike and straddle). Handstands, Cartwheels, back bends.

Trampoline: Proper bouncing technique, arm positions, bouncing safety, position jumps (tuck, pike, straddle), Seat drops.

Level 4: (Intermediate Tumbling (90 minutes)

For boys and girls ages 7 and older. This class is designed for anyone who has mastered the fundamentals of the beginning tumbling class. Class time will be spent building more refined basics and adding more advanced tumbling skills.

Floor: Backbend kickovers, straight arm backward rolls, Handstand rolls and holds, Round offs, standing back handsprings, round off back handsprings.

Trampoline: Front and back drops, beginning flipping, twisting drills.

Tumble Track: Back handsprings and standing back tucks

Level 5: Advanced Tumbling (90 minutes)

For boys and girls ages 8 and older. This is a skill oriented class. Students have mastered the round off back handspring and can now start connecting tumbling skills to create intricate passes.

Floor: Round of back handsprings, standing back tucks, multiple back handsprings, Back Tucks, Layouts, Fulls, etc.

Trampoline: Front and back tucks, twisting drills, layouts, fulls, etc.

Tumble Track: Back handspring passes, whips, back tuck, layouts, fulls, flips into pit.

Back Handspring Only (60 minutes)

For boys and girls ages 7 and older. This class is great for dancers, cheerleaders or anyone looking for bragging rights. Students will focus entirely on the back handspring using drills and various matting to help them master their backwards tumbling skills and passes. 

Cheer Tumbling (60 or 90 minutes)

We at North Valley Gymnastics specialize in power tumbling to improve the tumbling skills for cheerleaders. Well, they were right! NVG proudly boasts an 80 foot tumbling rod floor to make the most out of those powerful passes. Combine all of our specialized tumbling apparatus and veteran tumbling coaches. Nationally in the sport of Power Tumbling, and you see why our Power Tumbling Program for Cheerleaders is our fastest growing program.

The NVG Program develops three major cheer areas, tumbling, aerial stunting, and conditioning. We work predominately on increasing the tumbling skill ability of cheerleaders up to age 18 through the use of our varied tumbling apparatus. These two hour one or two time per week Power Tumbling classes are taught in a progression oriented format beginning with skills such as round offs and back handsprings progressing to multiple skill passes that include double flips and multiple twists. Our program uses the trampoline and rebounding devices to increase the skill dynamics and visual aesthetics of the aerial stunts performed by cheerleaders. Finally, the ability to perform at a high level requires a significant amount flexibility, strength, and endurance. We spend time dedicated to sport specific conditioning designed to help cheerleaders become the best at their sport.